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Criminal Appeals Attorney: Putting Experience on Your Side

Zachary McCready Aug. 26, 2020

Welcome to the Law Offices of Long Beach, CA Criminal Appeals Attorney Zachary McCready at McCready Law Group. A highly experienced and skilled State & Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer, Mr. McCready has more than ten years of experience fighting to overturn criminal convictions, obtaining sentencing reductions, and filing motions to set aside guilty pleas. He is also certified by the Board of Legal Specialization as a Criminal Law Specialist.

At McCready Law Group, we understand the devastation that a criminal conviction can have on the defendant as well as their loved ones. A former LAPD officer for more than 8 years, Long Beach Criminal Defense Attorney Zachary McCready possesses an in-depth understanding of the Appeals process and knows what issues to investigate more thoroughly in order to successfully move forward. Our firm provides comprehensive private investigation services to uncover relevant facts and identify important information.

Please contact McCready Law Group to make an appointment for a free consultation. Appeals Lawyer Zack McCready will thoroughly review the facts of your case with you, including the circumstances leading to your conviction, to determine the best way to proceed with your matter. He will also provide you with a comprehensive, honest legal analysis of your case.

Conveniently located in Long Beach, McCready Law Group also has two additional office locations throughout Orange County, CA to best serve the needs of all clients throughout the region. Call today to learn how Mr. McCready can help you with your post-conviction matters.

Appeals & Writs Post-Conviction Criminal Defense Attorney - Areas of Practice

Lawyer Zachary McCready provides skilled, knowledgeable legal representation to clients in a wide variety of post-conviction issues, including but not limited to the following:

  • State Criminal Appeals

  • Federal Criminal Appeals

  • Appeals based on Police Agency Misconduct

  • Appeals based on Prosecutorial Misconduct

  • Habeas Corpus Writs

  • Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

  • Jury Bias

  • Misdemeanor & Felony Appeals

  • Motions to Set Aside Guilty Pleas

  • Motions to Set Aside Verdicts

  • Wrongful Convictions

Police, prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys are held to a high standard with respect to an individual's Constitutional rights. Long Beach Appeals Attorney Zachary McCready has a unique understanding of these matters, having served as an officer with the LAPD and working for the prosecution during his tenure as a police officer. This experience has provided Mr. McCready with unique insight into how cases are handled and presented during the trial. Based on this experience, Long Beach Criminal Appeals Lawyer Zack McCready is able to provide an upper hand with respect to State and Federal Criminal Appeals and Writs.

Contact Long Beach Criminal Appeal Lawyer Zachary McCready for a Free Consultation

If you have reason to believe that you were denied a fair trial, entered into a plea agreement that you think was profoundly unfair, want to file to overturn or set aside a criminal conviction, or have questions regarding the quality of legal representation you received during the course of your case, please complete our Criminal Defense Case Evaluation Form. Attorney Zachary McCready will go over the information that you provide and contact you to obtain additional facts that led directly to your conviction.

Should we determine that you have a viable basis for an Appeal, Writ of Habeas Corpus, or any other Post-Conviction, Mr. McCready will work vigorously to help you obtain your goals. For immediate assistance, contact us to schedule your free in-depth consultation by calling 562-222-5630. Dedicated to providing the highest quality of legal representation, all calls and emails will be answered swiftly and we will update you on a regular basis regarding the progress of your case. Call today to learn how Long Beach Criminal Appeal Attorney Zachary McCready can help you obtain fair and just results.

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