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Long Beach Criminal Defense Attorney

As an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney, Zack McCready provides aggressive representation to clients in the full spectrum of criminal defense cases. He is committed to protecting his clients’ rights and obtaining the best possible outcome for each unique situation. As a Criminal Law Specialist certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization, Mr. McCready has a unique depth of knowledge that can be used to benefit your case.
The respect and trust our criminal defense law firm has earned from clients is reflected in our excellent client reviews. Attorney Zack McCready has a proven record of success, and he is ready to help you. When you schedule your free consultation, Attorney Zack McCready will thoroughly examine the details of your situation. He will provide answers, explain your rights, before building your strategic defense.

Criminal Defense Law Firm Serves Clients in Long Beach, Santa Ana, and Fountain Valley, California

As a former police officer, Attorney Zachary McCready has insight into the approach taken by law enforcement in criminal matters. He combines this knowledge with his vast legal skills while serving clients in Long Beach, in communities throughout Orange County, and in all of California. With comprehensive knowledge across the range of criminal matters, Mr. McCready leverages his experience as a former LAPD officer to get his clients the results they need. He is able to anticipate the direction of the prosecution to the benefit of his clients.

Our firm also benefits clients with comprehensive private investigation services which can be used to strengthen the case. Criminal Defense Attorney Zack McCready handles a wide range of criminal defense cases, including:

Sex Crimes Lawyer

As an experienced Sex Crimes Attorney, Mr. McCready defends clients charged with offenses related to sex crimes, including date rape, solicitation, rape, pandering, molestation, and indecent exposure.

DUI Attorney

DUI Attorney Zachary McCready handles all drunk driving and related matters. He fights to achieve the best outcome for you on your first DUI or subsequent offenses.

Violent Crimes & Manslaughter Attorney

Violent Crimes Attorney Zack McCready handles a range of violent crime cases, including armed robbery, homicide, and witness intimidation.

Three-Strikes Lawyer

Under Prop. 36, repeat offenders may face additional penalties. Three-Strikes Attorney Zachary McCready represents individuals in these situations.

Theft Crimes Lawyer

Theft crimes such as bribery, theft, burglary, illegal gambling, and counterfeiting are handled skillfully by Theft Crimes Attorney McCready.

White Collar Crime Lawyer

White collar crimes may include forgery, embezzlement, insurance fraud, tax evasion, Ponzi schemes, securities scams, computer hacking, and insider trading. White Collar Crimes Lawyer McCready aggressively defends against these white-collar offenses.

Post-Conviction Relief Lawyer

Contact Post-Conviction Relief Attorney McCready and discover whether your felony can be reduced to a lesser charge.

Domestic Violence Lawyer

Involving familial and marital relationships, a domestic violence charge can be either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the circumstances. Domestic Violence Lawyer Zack McCready vigorously defends against these charges.

Criminal Appellate Attorney

Criminal Appellate Lawyer McCready handles all aspects of appealing criminal convictions.

Assault & Battery Lawyer

Depending upon the circumstances, assault charges and battery charges may be together or separate. Assault and Battery Attorney Zack McCready handles these cases which may involve force or harmful intent.

Probation Violation Attorney/Parole Violations

If you are facing serious consequences for violating parole or probation, our Probation Violation Lawyer and Parole Violations Attorney will work to have those penalties, fines, or jail time lessened or dismissed.

Drug Crime & Drug Sales Attorney

Although drug laws in California are evolving, many remain punishable under the law. As a highly knowledgeable Drug Crimes Attorney, Mr. McCready protects clients who are facing drug charges such as transportation, sale, cultivation, and possession. We understand that your life is not progressing quite as planned, and we are here to help. Criminal Defense Lawyer Zack McCready has the knowledge and experience you need on your side at a time like this. Call 562-222-5630 and set up a private consultation. Once he learns the details of your situation, he will be able to develop a legal strategy and explain the steps necessary to get you back on your feet again.

Let Long Beach Lawyer Zachary McCready aggressively fight for your freedom! Directions: From Anaheim City Hall, go north on S. Anaheim Blvd. and make a left on Lincoln Ave. Take the I-5 North and merge onto the 91 West. Take the 710 South. Exit at Long Beach Blvd. Our office is on the right at 3701 Long Beach Blvd.

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