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According to statistics from the SB 719 Police Pursuit Report, there were 8,822 total reported police pursuits in California in 2019. In the state of California, evading or resisting a lawful arrest in any capacity is a serious offense that is often punished severely. Whether you were fleeing by car or by foot, a defendant convicted of evading arrest may face lengthy incarceration, hefty fines, a criminal record, and other life-changing ramifications. 

If you have been arrested and charged for evading a police officer's right to arrest you, hiring a knowledgeable California criminal defense attorney is crucial for detailed guidance. At McCready Law Group, I'm dedicated to offering aggressive representation and skilled legal guidance to clients facing evading arrest charges. 

As your legal counsel, I can evaluate all of the facts of your case and craft an effective defense strategy to help fight your charges. Using my extensive knowledge, I will fight vigorously to defend your legal right, dispute the accusations against you with factual evidence, and attempt to establish your innocence. 

My firm – McCready Law Group – is proud to serve clients across Long Beach, California, and the surrounding areas of Lakewood and Cypress Hill. 

What Is Evading Arrest? 

Evading arrest is a crime which occurs when a person intentionally flees from a peace officer or law enforcement officer in an attempt to prevent getting arrested or detained. A person may also be guilty of evading arrest by resisting a lawful arrest, running away from detention, or obstructing justice. 

Examples of Evading Arrest 

Here are some common examples of actions that may constitute evading or resisting arrest: 

  • Running away from a police officer while trying to arrest you 

  • Fleeing away from a police officer after a lawful stop for running a stop sign 

  • Going limp during an arrest 

  • Drawing a gun or dangerous weapon after a traffic stop 

  • Using force against a law enforcement officer during an arrest 

  • Improperly preventing the police from arresting your friend 

If you or someone you know has been recently arrested and charged with evading arrest, you need to reach out to a skilled criminal defense attorney straight away. Your legal representative can educate you about the nature and ramifications of your charges and help strategize your best defenses. 

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Evading Arrest Under California Law 

According to California law, any person who, while operating a motor vehicle and with the intent to evade, willfully flees or otherwise attempts to elude a pursuing peace officer's motor vehicle is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable if all of the following conditions exist: 

  • The peace officer's motor vehicle is exhibiting at least one lighted red lamp visible from the front, and the person either sees or reasonably should have seen the lamp. 

  • The peace officer's motor vehicle is sounding a siren as may be reasonably necessary. 

  • The peace officer's motor vehicle is distinctively marked. 

  • The peace officer's motor vehicle is operated by a peace officer. 

Evading a police car or the officer's flashing lights – when trying to stop you for a traffic violation – is a serious offense. In fact, this often leads to high-speed chases and may expose other road users to harm. An experienced lawyer can help you understand the possible penalties and help build your defense. 

Related Offense – Resisting Arrest 

According to California law, a person commits the offense of resisting arrest if they purposefully stop the duty of a public officer, peace officer, or medical technician from doing their duty.  

Possible Penalties for Evading Arrest in California 

Here are some of the possible penalties and consequences of evading arrest in the state of California: 

  • Massive fines 

  • Prison sentence 

  • Probation 

  • Community service 

  • A criminal record 

  • License suspension or revocation 

  • Loss of voting rights 

  • Loss of rights to own or carry a gun or firearm 

  • Difficulties in securing certain loans 

  • Difficulties in securing government assistance 

  • Difficulties in getting housing or employment opportunities 

  • Possible deportation (if you're not a U.S. citizen) 

A skilled California evading arrest attorney can identify possible defenses to your accusations and help you avoid or mitigate the far-reaching implications of a criminal conviction. 

Possible Defenses 

If you're facing evading arrest charges in California, your attorney can help fight the false allegations against you using any of the following defenses: 

  • You lacked the intent to evade the officer. 

  • The police car displayed no logos. 

  • There were no red lights or flashing lights. 

  • You had no reason to know that the person trying to arrest you was a peace officer. 

  • Self-defense against excessive force. 

A reliable defense attorney can investigate all of the facts of your case thoroughly and strive to craft a strong defense strategy. The goal of this strategy is to maximize your prospect of achieving the most favorable outcome for your personal situation. 

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Defending your evading arrest charges without experienced guidance and representation could increase your risk of suffering the maximum penalties. Whether you were fleeing by car or by foot, a criminal conviction could potentially jeopardize your quality of life, freedom, personal reputation, career, and future opportunities. Therefore, retaining a highly-skilled criminal defense attorney is paramount for reliable guidance and to help build your defense. 

At McCready Law Group, I have devoted my career to defending and representing individuals wrongfully accused of evading or resisting arrest. As your attorney, I can assess and investigate every last detail of your case, identify inconsistencies in the officer's account or prosecutor's case, and help establish the facts of your case with substantial evidence. Above all, I will continue fighting to uphold your legal rights and make sure you're given fair treatment in every phase of the legal process. 

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