Criminal defense attorney in Orange County consulting with a clientA criminal defense attorney is your advocate to navigate and fight any case against you in the court of law, including white collar crime in Orange County. The courts have experienced teams looking to present the evidence that could give you the maximum sentence. What then is your best defense? An experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney that will act with your best interests in mind.

With 8 years of law enforcement experience and 12 years as a criminal defense attorney, I am ready to go deep into the evidence and fight for residents of Orange County. I work with clients from start to finish, not handing you off to different associates. This includes being at your side for every court hearing, meeting with law enforcement, and legal proceedings. You benefit by having one contact working to know every angle and procedure in your case. I do this with all my clients, no matter if I’m working as their embezzlement lawyer, fraud lawyer, white collar crime lawyer, or another type of criminal defense attorney.

White collar crime lawyer representing residents in Huntington Beach, CA, and surrounding citiesEmbezzlement and Fraud Lawyer in Orange County

Fraud can include several different ways that someone has been involved in deceitful or deceptive practices for financial gain. For example, fraud can be committed against government entities such as welfare fraud, tax fraud, or Medi-Cal fraud, or corporations such as insurance fraud, credit card fraud, healthcare fraud, and more. Whether committed against the government or a corporation, remember that they have a team of experienced lawyers and other professionals on their side.

Fraud can be treated as a serious offense with felony charges, fines, and/or jail time. In addition, fraud can have lifelong consequences, including difficulty finding work or entering certain professions such as the financial or legal industries. With certain types of fraud, such as those that included receiving benefits like welfare or public assistance, you could have difficulty receiving future benefits. Protect you and your family’s future with an experienced fraud attorney.

Contact the McCready Law Group, with years of experience representing residents of Orange County, before your case goes any further.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Orange County, CA

Orange County residents know they live in a paradise of manicured lawns, beautiful beaches, and many recreational activities. But they aren’t the only ones that know this – the secret is out. Orange County typically sees more than 50 million visitors a year that bring in approximately 13 billion dollars. The draw for the crowds includes the beaches, amusement parks, and other attractions unique to “The OC.”

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