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According to the most recent statistics from the National Youth Gang Survey Analysis, there were 2,363 total gang homicides in the United States in 2012. In the state of California, criminal street gang activities are strictly prohibited. An individual arrested for participating in a street gang or assisting in committing a gang-related crime may face devastating penalties, including huge fines, lengthy prison sentences, a criminal record, and other severe, social consequences. 

If you’re under investigation for participating in gang-related activity, it is imperative that you retain an aggressive California criminal defense attorney for clear guidance. At McCready Law Group, I have the understanding, skill, and resources to direct and represent individuals facing gang-related charges. As your legal counsel, I will analyze every aspect of your case, battle on behalf of your rights, and help keep your record as clean as possible. 

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Gang-Related Activity  

A gang-related activity involves any organized crime or activity committed by the members of a gang. According to California law – California Penal Code 186.22(a) – it is an offense to actively participate in a criminal street gang while: 

  • Knowing that the gang members engage in a pattern of criminal activity. 

  • Willfully promoting or assisting in any felonious criminal conduct by members of the gang. 

Additionally, the judge may impose gang sentencing enhancement according to California Penal Code 186.22b if: 

  • The offender committed or attempted to commit the crime for the benefit of the criminal street gang. 

  • The offender committed the crime with the specific intent to promote or assist the criminal conduct of the street gang. 

If you or someone you know has been recently arrested or indicted for a gang-related crime, you need to reach out to a well-informed criminal defense attorney immediately. Your lawyer can help you understand the nature of your charges and help build your best defenses. 

Possible Penalties for Evading Arrest in California 

In the state of California, gang-related charges usually carry severe and potentially life-changing implications. Depending on the underlying crime, defendant’s criminal history, and other surrounding circumstances, a gang-related conviction could result in the following penalties and consequences: 

  • Prison sentence (ranging from months, years, or decades) 

  • Hefty fines 

  • Probation 

  • A criminal record 

  • Community service 

  • Loss of rights to own or carry a gun or firearm 

  • Loss of rights to vote during elections 

  • Increased difficulty in getting accommodation, job, or public benefits 

  • Difficulties in securing certain loans 

  • Possible deportation or inadmissibility to the United States 

  • Increased difficulty to travel to other countries 

An accomplished attorney can help determine the best defenses to fight your charges and avoid or mitigate the severe penalties and consequences of a criminal conviction. 

Common Defenses to

Gang-Related Charges 

When facing gang-related allegations, your legal counsel can help fight your charges using any of the following defenses: 

  • You didn’t participate in any gang-related activity. 

  • There was no underlying crime. 

  • You didn’t commit the act for the benefit of the gang members. 

  • You were falsely accused. 

  • The offense cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. 

  • There is no gang affiliation. 

An understanding California gang-related charges defense attorney can examine all of the facts of your personal situation and determine the best defenses to improve your chances of the most favorable outcome. 

How a Strategic Attorney Can Help You 

Trying to navigate the judiciary system or defend your gang-related allegations without skilled guidance could expose you to the possibility of getting convicted and suffering the maximum punishments. Therefore, when charged with a gang-related offense, you need to hire a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney immediately for proper counsel and to help strategize your best defenses. 

At McCready Law Group, I provide clear legal direction, advocacy, and reliable representation to clients in their criminal gang-related cases. Using my extensive knowledge, I can help you navigate the California justice system and represent you aggressively in every stage of legal proceedings. In addition, I will refute the charges against you with overwhelming evidence and make sure those allegations don’t ruin your life. 

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