The Long Beach Criminal Defense Law Firm McCready Law Group has been fighting for more than 14 years on behalf of clients charged under California’s Three Strikes Laws. However, recent legislation has revised portions of the law, allowing judges to exercise their own discretion upon sentencing.

Whether you are currently being prosecuted for allegedly committing a first or second offense that falls within the Three Strikes law, or is on your third strike, it is extremely important that you hire a knowledgeable attorney who possesses the skills required to obtain results for you!

Long Beach Three Strikes Lawyer Zack McCready has been a zealous legal advocate on behalf of the accused since 2007. He is certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization as a Criminal Law Specialist. Prior to earning his law degree and being admitted to the California State Bar Association, Mr. McCready served with the Los Angeles Police Department for more than eight years. He has a unique perspective of both sides of the criminal justice system, thereby allowing him greater insight into criminal investigations and prosecutions, and understands how to protect your Constitutional Rights!

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Under California State Law, those convicted of committing a serious or violent felony will receive a lifelong strike for each conviction. A conviction for a third qualifying crime requires a sentence of 25 to life.

A former officer with the LAPD, Long Beach Three Strikes Attorney Zack McCready has been solely dedicated for more than 14 years to the defense of clients in both State and Federal Court. Due to his police background and resulting in an in-depth understanding of the prosecutorial process, Mr. McCready knows how to devise and employ an effective defense strategy. He utilizes the services of only the best investigators and expert witnesses in order to achieve the best possible results on behalf of those whom he represents.

Proposition 36 modified the Three Strikes Law due to the large number of individuals serving the mandatory maximum of 25-life. Proposition 36 overturned that portion of California’s Three Strikes Law classifying non-serious or non-violent crimes as Strike offenses. However, the District Attorney or State’s Attorney may still opt to classify non-violent felonies as “serious.”

Another option to obtain a Strike Reduction is to file what is commonly referred to as a Romero Motion, codified in the California Penal Code, Section 667. If you already have 2 strikes on your record and are being convicted for the alleged commission of a Third Strike crime, Long Beach Three Strikes Lawyer Zachary McCready can file a motion requesting that, in the interests of justice, the court reduce a previous strike.

This provides the judicial discretion necessary for the Court to exercise its own judgment upon sentencing. Judges now have the ability to reduce an earlier strike and sentence the defendant in accordance with regular sentencing guidelines.

The court takes numerous factors into account when ruling on a Romero Motion, including but not limited to the following:

  • Age at Time of Earlier Convictions

  • Age at Time of Present Prosecution

  • Circumstances Leading Directly to the Present Crime

  • The Defendant’s Willingness to Accept Responsibility

  • The Existence or Extent of Physical Injuries to the Victim/s

Long Beach Three Strikes Attorney Zachary McCready is a seasoned negotiator and highly skilled litigator, who is an aggressive legal advocate for those he represents. He fights vigorously for the District Attorney to consent to the Romero Motion. If the DA does not comply, Mr. McCready will not hesitate to bring the Motion before the Court.

The following is a partial list of those crimes that have been categorized as qualifying Three Strikes Crimes:

  • Armed Robbery

  • Attempted Murder

  • Firearm Enhancement

  • Gang Enhancement

  • Kidnapping

  • Murder

  • Sex Crimes

  • Violent Drug Crimes

  • Voluntary Manslaughter

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