I have been practicing since 2007 as a criminal defense attorney serving Huntington Beach, CA, and throughout Orange County, and have gained experience in many areas of criminal defense, from white collar crime to drug sales. No two cases are alike, and I work side-by-side with clients, not passing on to other associates, so I can give them the personal attention they deserve. This is the dedication I give to all my clients, including those in Huntington Beach and the surrounding areas.

Man being arrested, hiring a drug sales attorney in Huntington Beach, CADUI, Drug Sales, Domestic Violence, and Vehicular Manslaughter Attorney in Huntington Beach, CA

 For the prosecution to present their case, they must have solid evidence. As your criminal defense attorney, it is my responsibility to thoroughly investigate the evidence and find any inconsistencies that may help you in your case.

Many convictions for a DUI, domestic violence, and other crimes can have lifelong repercussions. These repercussions can include losing your driving privileges and professional licenses and the reputation you’ve worked hard to create, not to mention felony charges and significant fines. It’s important that you do your research to secure the manslaughter attorney, domestic violence lawyer, drug sales attorney, or DUI attorney that knows how to present your case and the facts for a fair trial in Huntington Beach.

White collar crime lawyer representing residents in Huntington Beach, CA, and surrounding citiesWhite Collar Crime Lawyer, Fraud, and Embezzlement Lawyer in Huntington Beach, CA

White collar crimes typically involve financial gain through the deceit of money trusted in one’s care. There can be many different types of white collar crimes, and they are often represented by a white collar crime lawyer, embezzlement lawyer, or fraud lawyer. While the crime may be local to Huntington Beach, most white collar crimes involve federal laws and are prosecuted in a federal court. A federal court can appear to be more complicated with heavier penalties, so the more experienced lawyer you have on your side, the better.

White collar cases can be complicated and are usually the result of substantial evidence. But, is the evidence enough to prove a conviction beyond a shadow of a doubt? Was someone else responsible for the crime in question? These are just some areas a fraud attorney, embezzlement lawyer, or white crime lawyer will extensively research to ensure you are getting a fair trial.

To get started on your criminal law defense, contact us immediately to set up your consultation to learn more about how we can fight for you.

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Huntington Beach, the fourth most populous in Orange County, is located 35 miles from Downtown Los Angeles. A seaside city, Huntington Beach is known for surfing, sunbathing, and an excellent climate along the city’s 9.5-mile beach. Huntington Beach is the most populous beach city in Orange County and is known for its famous beach culture.

If you live in or around Huntington Beach and are facing criminal charges, you deserve a fair trial and representation. Only trust an experienced criminal defense attorney with extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system. After 8 years on the Los Angeles police force, I can use that knowledge and experience as your domestic violence lawyer, drug sales attorney, DUI attorney, or vehicular manslaughter attorney to your benefit.

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