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Post-Conviction Relief in Long Beach – Attorney Zack McCready

At McCready Law Group, Lawyer Zachary McCready has successfully helped numerous clients resolve a broad range of Post-Conviction Relief matters, including but not limited to:

  • Expunging your Criminal Record

  • Felony Reduction to a Misdemeanor

  • Felony Removal

  • Obtaining Pardons

  • Obtaining Certificates of Rehabilitation

  • Terminating Probation

  • Reestablishing Firearm / Gun Rights

Due to the passage of Proposition 47, individuals who have been convicted of a non-violent Felony may obtain a reduction down to a misdemeanor or request resentencing based on the new guidelines for the following crimes:

  • Cashier’s Check Forgery

  • Check Forgery

  • Credit Card Fraud

  • Document Forgery

  • Drug Possession (including cocaine, concentrated cannabis, heroin & methamphetamine)

  • Money Order Forgery

  • Petty Theft

  • Property Crimes

  • Receiving Stolen Property

  • Shoplifting

  • Theft

  • Writing / Passing Bad Checks

The maximum value of stolen property, including the passage of bad checks, must not exceed $950. There are additional disqualifying restrictions which will prevent a Felony Reduction or Sentencing Reduction, including but not limited to:

  • Prior Conviction for a Serious Offense

  • Prior Conviction for a Violent Crime

  • A conviction for a Sex Offense Requiring Mandatory Sex Offender Registration

  • A conviction for Identify Theft in Conjunction with a Forgery Conviction

  • Prior Convictions (3+) for Writing a Bad Check

If you have reason to believe that you qualify for a Felony Reduction or Sentencing Reduction, please contact Post-Conviction Relief Attorney Zachary McCready at McCready Law Group today by calling 562-222-5630. Reductions under Proposition 47 are not automatically applied to those who have already been convicted. We must petition the Court and present all evidence that demonstrates qualification based on the guidelines set forth under the law.

Expungement is the legal process by which the Court will seal a prior criminal conviction, effectively removing the conviction from your record as well as in the eyes of the law. In order to receive an Expungement, the following must be successfully proven to the Court:

  • Full Payment of all mandatory fines & restitution

  • Full Probation Compliance

  • The passage of one-year minimum from the time of sentencing

  • You aren’t currently facing prosecution for subsequent criminal activity

  • You have never served time in prison

If convicted of a felony, the first step for getting an Expungement is a Felony Reduction. Once a felony conviction has been reduced to a misdemeanor, we can then petition the court to have your record Expunged. However, as with Proposition 47, a conviction for the commission of a violent crime or any sex offense is grounds for automatic ineligibility.

Long Beach Expungement Lawyer Zachary McCready has helped numerous clients obtain Expungements and clear their criminal records, allowing them to pass background checks for employment or housing.

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