Motion to Suppress Evidence Under Penal Code Section 1538

Zachary McCready July 31, 2019

Imagine that you are sitting in a parked car, listening to music. A police officer approaches your car and demands that you step outside of the car. After you step outside, he goes through the whole car looking for drugs or other evidence that he can use against you. He then finds something illegal and charges you with being in possession of it. It is your word against the police officers as to what happened. Is this a winnable case? You betcha!

After a person has been stopped by a police officer, if evidence was obtained illegally during that stop a person has the right under Penal Code Section 1538 to have that evidence suppressed.

The petition asks the judge to exercise his/her authority to suppress the illegally obtained evidence that was seized during an unlawful stop.

For many people, the advantage is that the evidence seized would not be allowed to be presented during court proceedings.

The Section of the Penal Code that makes it possible to get evidence suppressed is Section 1538.5 of the Penal Code. This law can be complex to apply so it helps to hire an attorney who is familiar with the law and how it is to be correctly applied.

The person who was stopped must have been done so unlawfully and the evidence must have been seized during this stop.

Any time a police officer stops someone on nothing more than a hunch, that stop is an illegal detention and all of the evidence seized must be suppressed. See also In re Tony C (1978) 21 Cal. 3d 888 at page 893

“An investigative stop or detention predicated on mere curiosity, rumor, or hunch is unlawful even though the officer may be acting in complete good faith.” See also U.S v. Socey (1988) 846 F.2d 1439 at page 1446

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